This article shows you how to share the Project Board with your customer.


This capability helps you to be transparent with your customers & helps ensure that can see the progress of tasks, enter a new task, prioritize them and comment on tasks to help keep everyone in the loop on project development and progress in general.

Share and grant permission

1. From the left-hand panel click on Projects.

2. Click on the Project title that you would like to share.

3. From the right-hand panel, click on the Sharing Icon.

4. The Project Board Sharing page will be displayed.

Board URL

Click on the URL to navigate directly to the Project board.

The customer will have a prompt window appear on-screen; they should log-in using the initial login credential the customer will have been provided via email.


Customer Email 

Enter the customer email address in order to send the initial login details.

Customer permissions

  • Level
  • Description
  • None
  • Default permission. User won’t be able to access the Project board
  • Only See It
  • Read Only
  • Create/Update Tasks
  • Full permissions to create tasks and update their content and

In order to complete the above process and grant access to your customer, click on

Send the above information & Instructions to your customer by email.

Note: If the above action won’t be selected, login details won’t be sent to your customer.

Example Email Template:

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