The following new Features has been added

158         Clone projects with all board tasks (set all of them as 'To do")

157         Added a "long running" timer alerts to your inbox

156         Added "Continue to work" on a time entry button

155         'Due date' has been added to the Task frame
154         Integration Between TrackMyWorks and Toggl - Import Data from Toggl
153         Time entry Validation has been added which allow users to prevent stopping timer without selecting a project

152         Enhance user privileges,  Limit users from stopping time without having a project/description assigned.

151         A "Continue to work" functionality has been added to the time entry frame.

149         Chrome Extension officially released in Google store.

116         Ability to clone projects with all tasks included, set all of them as “To do".             

The following Bugs has been fixed

142         Timesheet hours was presented in UTC time zone and not according to the local time.    

144         The ‘Country’ object in the settings frame is not type list.

150         Tabs order in the main dashboard has been fixed