With Track My Work, efficient time tracking is the foundation of the system. The Timer runs, regardless of browser activity. 

This core functionality is initially designed to encourage you to register your working time in a very accurate & in precise way, without leaving money on the table.

Counting the work time plays an essential role when it comes to putting numbers on the paper. 

By making sure that you can find accuracy and consistency, this helps you out in more ways than one. Track My Works eliminates old habits e.g. Mix and Match.

Counting the working time:

  • Operate the Timer. Use the timer to register your time spent per task.
  • Add time entries manually. Alter the time spent per task for easier management and efficiency.

Operate the Timer

  1. From the top right-hand panel, click



    The Timer will start counting the time spent on the task from there onwards.

    Note: Primarily, the timer will run without any task assigned. Later when the  has been clicked,

    a new time entry will be registered on the Work History board. This makes it very easy to keep track of what you need     when you need it.

        2. Click on the  command, and choose Edit to modify the time entry.



        3. Now, add a Work Description, e.g: Company Logo has been amended per customer request

            Select a Project from the Drop-Down list. Then, the Time & Date will be automatically registered once the timer stats.


        4. Click Save to register the new Time Entry.


Adding time entries manually

  1. From the top right-hand corner, click on Add Manual Time button



        2. Add Work Description, e.g: H1 Title has been added per customer request.

            Then, select a Project from the Drop-Down list.

            Once chosen, you can then add the Time & Date manually by clicking on the toggle icons.



            Note: Setting time using the ‘Clock’ feature will calculate the time at 30-minute intervals, with break times included. 

                      Alternatively, there is an option to add accurate a specific time spent by typing the hours in the Duration field.

                      This can set up in any way that you need.


        3. Click Save to register the new Time entry.



Have a question? Send an Email to info@trackmy.work -OR- contact us over Chat.

Track My Works Team.